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Vehicle Enforcement Removal 

DVLA Enforcement Vehicle Removal 

BSC Reovery work Directly with the DVLA / NSL Sheffield Enforcement team who work closely with South Yorkshire Police, Vosa, Customs & Excise, Car Parking Enforcement Teams as well as Security Teams at Meadow Hall Shopping Centre, BSC Recovery established a excellent working partnership, Providing DVLA / NSL with a  24 Hour Vehicle Removal Service, Meeting daily to ensure that the service is to be expected ... 

To report a vehicle with no tax . REPORT or contact the Sheffield enforcement team Direct on 0330 008 7533

To check a vehicle has tax and MOT Click here ........................Vehicle Enquiry



Repossessions  / Vehicle Removal

BSC Recovery also work with a number of Finance Houses removing vehicles with unpaid finance, Conducting Repossessions on there behalf,Our services also includes Parking enforcement for local housing Companies, A Contract member will inform us of the vehicle that has been parked incorrectly or shouldn't be parked in certain areas, We will then check it and remove the vehicle to our Secure storage, where a Application to the DVLA to trace the Registered keeper is completed and then we will inform the owner, If the vehicle doesn't have any tax when we arrive on scene to remove it we automaticlly inform DVLA / NSL and Remove on there behalf , 

If you would like to enquire about our Enforcement Services please get in touch  


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