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Posted on 17 September, 2016 at 0:45

Did you know.....?


All passenger cars produced for the European market from 2012 are required to have a form of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System fitted (TPMS)

This can come in a couple of different forms - both of which alert the driver of a pressure irregularity occurring.

The first system is called DIRECT TPMS and uses sensors fitted within the tyre and wheel assembly at the base of the valve.

The sensor continuously monitors actual pressure and transmits this data to an onboard processor which immediately alerts the driver of pressure values of the individual wheels (in psi) real-time.


The other system, called INDIRECT TPMS measures the rolling circumference of the wheel & tyre and notifies the driver where a continuous error is occurring while in motion (during a sudden deflation the assembly will decrease in overall circumference!). This system will not identify specific wheels though or very gradual pressure losses.


Direct TPMS systems are far more useful and informative but do use parts that require replacement and service.

The valve stem (the bit you put air in!) can either perish or corrode over time and require replacement and the sensor itself will eventually fail to transmit once its battery life ends (depending on use, this could be anytime from 3- 7/8 years.


If you've got a warning light illuminated on the dash, it must be put right in order to pass an MOT test too.


While main dealerships will often charge upwards of £149 PER VALVE to replace and often re-code new parts back into the vehicle, we have some great news for you.....


We're now fully equipped to repair and/or replace your TPMS valves and sensors on site at your home or work at a fraction of the price & mostly without the need for further costly dealership reprogramming fees either.


Call HOMETYRE SHEFFIELD for more information or to book TODAY!


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